Revlon ColorStay Marmalade

Last Summer my favorite nail polish was butter LONDON Macbeth. This Summer it is Revlon Marmalade. I can literally not stop myself from wearing this polish! It’s been on my toes for a solid month (with a few fresh pedicures, of course). I’m very surprised I like this polish as much as I do. Generally speaking, Revlon has not been one of my favorite polish brands. But they have really stepped up their game with the (fairly new) ColorStay line.

Marmalade is a bright tangerine orange creme. It has slight pink or red undertone, it is not a yellow based orange. It’s basically the it color for everything fashion and beauty for Spring/Summer 2012 in a nail polish bottle.

The formula is good. I did use 3 coats on my nails for this swatch, though when I’m doing a pedicure I only use 2 coats. Basically, for any normal person, 2 coats would likely be sufficient! As with all of the ColorStay polishes, Marmalade dried to a super shiny finish.

At first I was kind of wary of this line of polishes but now I just love it. For more information about the ColorStay line (including brush pictures) check out my post on Vintage Rose. There are pictures of the bottle and  label below the jump.

If you haven’t tried out the ColorStay line this is a great week to give it a try. CVS is running an awesome sale. All Revlon polishes are on sale for $4.99 with $3 back in Extra Care Bucks. Plus, if you are lucky enough to have this Revlon polish display (I have seen this display at CVS, Rite Aid and Ulta), grab one of the $1 off coupons and you have yourself an $8 nail polish for $.99!

For my $1 nail polish I picked up Provence. I can’t wait to try it!

Now I seriously need to go listen to Lady Marmalade because it has been stuck in  my head since I started writing this post! Cue Christina belting out Creole Lady Marmalade.


6 responses to “Revlon ColorStay Marmalade

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  2. Finally broke down & bought this with my ExtraCarebucks. LOVE! The brush is perfect!

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  4. Just bought this today after getting Buttercup last week, and I’m surprised I like this orange.
    I usually shy away from bright colors but I put on a brave face and decided to embrace the color. I now regret that I hadn’t purchased this shade sooner so I could rock it during summer (darn you, fall!).

    I did have some trouble with its durability.
    Maybe it was because I did not use their base/top coat, but my nails chipped fast and started to “crack” like a dry desert. Perhaps it was only Buttercup’s formula.

    • I have been testing these polishes with the ColorStay topcoat and have seen a noticeable difference in wear. I’ll eventually do a full review, but I do think getting the top coat is worth it.

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