Ulta Snow White

I’ve had this polish for almost 2 years and to be honest, when I got it, I didn’t expect it would be a polish I used often. But it is by far the most used polish in my collection. If you are at all into any kind of nail art a good white polish is a necessity and this is a fabulous polish for that.

I wanted to do (another) post on this polish because of the frequency I mention it in my posts. But Ulta’s salon formula polish line has gone through several changes since I initially picked up this polish. So when I was at Ulta a couple of weeks ago I checked, and Ulta still sells this polish, though the packaging is different from  mine.

The reason I love this polish so much is the formula and application. White, like yellow, can be a bit of a pain if the formula isn’t perfect. I consider Snow White to have the perfect formula. It is very opaque and a tad on the thicker side but not difficult to work with. In this swatch I used just 2 coats.

So, if you are on the hunt for the perfect white polish to use under a neon or to use in nail art, or heck, just to wear on it’s own, I highly recommend Ulta Snow White. It retails for $6 but never pay that! Ulta runs sales on their house brand all the time. I usually stock up on Ulta polishes when they are $2 🙂

Do you have a perfect white? I’d love to know some other favorites. I know Katie really likes OPI Alpine Snow!


61 responses to “Ulta Snow White

  1. I really like Zoya Purity, but at $8 a bottle I hate to just use it as a base for other colors.

  2. I really love Sinful Colors Snow Me White. 2 coats and it’s full coverage. not too thin, not too thick. The only thing I have noticed with it is that after a couple of uses it gets thicker and harder to work with. but for 99 cents i didnt really care. I’m going to have to get this one next time ulta runs a sale!!

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  12. i’m painting on my nails right now! I plan on putting a layer or two of pina yada yada over it:)

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  31. So… do I own Alpine White? I might have to go look…I know I obsessed over it for a while, but I don’t know if I actually bought it… Anyway, picked up Snow White yesterday 🙂 Excited to try it!

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