ORLY – Space Cadet

Last night I was in the mood for something interesting- and as I went hrough my stash, Space Cadet practically jumped right into my hands. I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed it yet! Space Cadet is from ORLY’s Cosmic FX collection from the Fall of 2010.

Space Cadet is a fascinating multichrome – copper, pink, purple, hints of green and blue – all there. Probably the nicest thing about Space Cadet is that it translates well from the bottle to nail. It’s a stunner!

Application was fine, the polish went on smoothly – but I did need 4 coats . However, you could probably get away with just 3.

The CosmicFX line was a bit pricier than normal ORLY collections, each polish retailed for $10. Alli picked up Galaxy Girl on clearance, and I also reviewed Out of This World from this collection. Overall, I think Space Cadet is the star of the collection.


2 responses to “ORLY – Space Cadet

  1. This is one of the best multi-chromes out there. I have the Hard Candy dupe (Beetle) which I’ve read is pretty spot on.

    • Yes indeed they are perfect dupes – It’s also a dupe for MAC Mean & Green 🙂 In retrospect I wish I’d just gotten the Hard Candy since it costs half as much.

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