One Neon Polish Four Different Ways!

Neon is a huge trend for this Spring and Summer. And I have decided to embrace it! Nail polish is always a great inexpensive and temporary way to incorporate trends into your style. But if you’re anything like me you get really bored of wearing the same nail polish color all the time. So I thought a post on how to wear a single polish 4 different ways might be something some of you find useful. Plus, I just kind of like to share different ways I wear my favorite polishes 🙂

The polish I used for this post is Essie Camera. It’s from Essie’s latest collection and I just love it. So of course I wanted to use it in as many way as possible but lets be honest…most of the time I’m pretty lazy when it comes to my nails. I didn’t want to do anything crazy that required alot of tools or talent, just simple ways to stretch a single neon polish’s use.

The first, and most obvious, way to use a neon polish is to just use it on its own. Neon polish by itself is certainly a statement but this certainly isn’t the most fun or unique way to wear neons!

The second way I like to wear neons is as the base for a half moon manicure. This works especially well when paired with white. Colorblocking is another huge fashion trend and this is a way to incorporate that into nail art (and I use nail art very loosely…half moon manicures are super easy to do).

A way to wear neons that is really growing on me is using a neon polish for the tip of a French manicure. I KNOW! The French manicure may be the only thing dubbed French I don’t just love. But adding a thin line of neon to the tip of the nail is actually really fun and a more subtle way to wear the neon trend.

The last way I like to wear neons is not for the faint of heart. Neon polishes are bright all on their own. But a way to make them SUPER bright is to use a thin coat of your favorite neon polish over a white polish. My camera doesn’t capture how bright what’s happening on my pinky nail really is.

I’m always looking for fun ways to wear neons. Leave your ideas in a comment!


8 responses to “One Neon Polish Four Different Ways!

  1. Love neons over white, your right about the color totally popping!

  2. I love all the ways you have shown Camera. I did not pick up any of the Essie neons yet – I decided I wanted to wait to spend my $ on the China Glaze neons when they come out. However, many in the CG collection (as with the Essies) are not vivid neons. Love to use what you showed here – the neon on a line of French tips – but because neons chip faster, bad choice for me with French tips since tip wear is an issue for most anyway. I tend to use Gelous as a topper when I have a neon on to protect the tips and chipping.

    I am nuts for the neon trend and with 12 in the upcoming CG set, I am going to be going nuts not getting all 12 – but 12 is a HUGE amount of neons for an already overload of what is my stash. I wish CG had made tis a 6 piece collection making it far easier for me to choose!

  3. Interesting, will have to try it.

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