OPI – Just Spotted The Lizard

If you caught my mini-haul post over on The Daily Varnish Extra – you know one of the treats I grabbed last night at Ulta was OPI’s Just Spotted the Lizard.

I’ll be completely honest, I was not expecting to be wowed by this polish – the only reason I bought it is because it’s so close to Chanel’s Peridot. I don’t own Peridot or anything similar so I figured it was a good choice. That all changed when I put it on. Now I finally understand the obsession over Peridot. Just Spotted the Lizard is a stunning duochrome that shifts from green to gold  and SO fun to wear – I can’t even explain. I’ve been looking at my nails all day.

All three pictures were taken in my light box, I’d really like to catch this baby in the sun but it was a (refreshing) rainy spring day here in Virginia. I used flash in the second picture and you can see the duochrome in action with the green around the edges of my nails.

So it’s gorgeous but let’s talk about the polish itself. The formula was spot on – though you can still see slight brush strokes, and the split on  my seemingly forever damaged middle nail is more apparent than usual. I used three smooth coats to get the look I wanted. All in all I’m soo pleased with this polish. If you’re still nursing a Peridot lemming, go grab Just Spotted The Lizard – you definitely won’t be disappointed. As always, click on any picture to enlarge it. This is a beauty!

Have a lovely weekend!


10 responses to “OPI – Just Spotted The Lizard

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  2. I JUST put this on for french tips. Mine doesn’t show as much green as yours does 😦 I have the mini though and I don’t know if that matters or not

  3. I was debating on do I want it, and that color is unlike any of the gold or green I own. You totally sold me on this color with these photos. I’ll have to look into the peridot color you mentioned, it’s my birth stone and one of my favorite stones.

    • I debated too, really – I was like oh no, it’s going to be ugly – but I really just kept staring at my nails all day. I wanted to put it on again last night, but I chose another duochrome. Post soon 🙂 — as for Peridot, I’m

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  5. Color Club has a very similar shade in their Fall 2012 In True Fashion collection, I believe it’s called “Editorial”.

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