Nailspiration: The Charlotte Observer

Sometimes being a daily newspaper reader has its benefits. Last week my hometown paper, The Charlotte Observer, had this as the cover of the style section. I immediately knew I had to give the manicure featured a try! I managed to find a clearer picture of the original manicure online. It can be seen here.

Despite looking fairly complicated, this is actually a simple manicure to do. Both the ring fingers can be done by following the half moon manicure instructions found in this post. The only other simi complicated nail is the right hand pointer finger. I first painted the nail the blue color, then let it dry completely. I used reinforcement labels to block off the part of the nail I wanted to stay blue then painted the rest of the nail the pink color. Simple! I freehanded the left hand pointer finger.

While this manicure is rather interesting, I didn’t love it. I quite liked the way the left hand looked (minus the red/orange on the pointer finger) but the right hand made no sense. All together, like in the picture, it looks nice, but apart there is just no cohesive theme. It was a fun experiment, but I wouldn’t do this manicure again.

For info on what specific polishes I used, including the specific polishes on each nail, check below the jump!

For the “blue hand” aka the left hand I used Ulta Snow White, Revlon Royal, H&M U Must Have This and L’Oreal Jet Set To Paris.

For the “pink hand” I used Cover Girl Be My Honey, OPI Hot & Spicy, OPI Red Lights Ahead…Where? and China Glaze Heli-Yum.


7 responses to “Nailspiration: The Charlotte Observer

  1. I like parts of this too and would probably recreate it but in a more coherent colour theme: red white and blue perhaps or pink white and blue.

  2. Greetings from the Sunny (although it is currently pouring) Island of Singapore!

    Just want to say that I thoroughly enjoy the blog and have been addicted to it since I stumbled upon the page showing a swatch of Butter London’s Bossy Boots (which I lurve!).

    Can’t wait for the next post! Thanks for all the informative entertainment for my nail polish addiction!

  3. I had no idea you’re in Charlotte!!! I’m just up the road in Winston-Salem! =)

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