Finger Paints Louvre This Pink

It should be no surprise that I purchased this polish based  solely on the name. My love affair with all things Parisian is well documented on this blog.

Louvre This Pink is one of several polishes I picked up when Sally’s had all of their nail polish buy 2, get 1 free. It is a fairly standard, but pretty light pink creme that is a tad bit bright. The color is lovely and applies wonderfully. I used three coats, but probably could have gotten away with two.

This is a great pink polish. Sometimes it’s nice to wear a normal color on my nails. But I did get bored with this manicure pretty quickly. To remedy that situation without completely redoing my nails, I decided to add an accent nail. One of my favorite makeup combinations is a light pink lip with a light green eyeshadow. So I decided to give that color combo a go on the nails. For the accent nail, I used Ulta Limelight. It turned out a little old lady in Palm Beach but that’s ok. I rocked it anyway!

Make sure to check below the jump for pictures of my old lady in Palm Beach manicure!


12 responses to “Finger Paints Louvre This Pink

  1. I like the green with the pink – it reminds me of watermelon candy.

  2. Yes, Watermelon! That’s what it looked like! Cool!

  3. The colors look great! I never would have thought to pair them together!

  4. I like the pink with the green 🙂

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