Sally Girl Coconut

I never thought I would find the beach in a nail polish bottle, but this polish really is the beach in a nail polish bottle! I picked this up a couple of weeks ago at Sally Beauty when I saw (what looked like) a seasonal Sally Girl Stop and Smell the Colors display. It was full of cute little scented polishes. I had fantastic luck with Orange from this collection so my hopes for Coconut were high.

Coconut is a very pale blue creme that applied beautifully. I used three coats and was very happy with the application and formula.

While I do love the color of this polish, the best part is the scent! It smells like coconut scented tanning oil with a little bit of sea air thrown in the mix. I just love it. Granted, the scent isn’t extremely strong, but whenever I’d smell the scent it would just make me happy.

After about 24 hours the scent had entirely disappeared and I wanted to add something to spice up my manicure a bit. I used 2 coats of deborah lippmann Today Was a Fairytale as an accent on my ring finger and really loved the way it turned out. Picture of that manicure is below the jump!

I’m curious what y’alls opinion is of scented nail polishes. Sometimes I love them, other times I don’t. It seems to depend on my mood. But lately I’ve really be into it! If you have a favorite scented polish leave it in a comment so I can check  it out!


3 responses to “Sally Girl Coconut

  1. Have you tried the revlon scented polishes? I’ve been wanting to try those but I’m never sure. I have the sally girl yellow polish that smells like bananas and I actually really like it haha

    • I have tried one of the Revlon scented polishes; Grape Icy. Scent wise it was about the same as the Sally Girl polishes. I’m not so sure how I feel about paying Revlon prices for scented polish, lol

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