Color Club Metamorphosis

I’m going to say it one more time in case you missed me blabbing out it on Twitter and Facebook and over on The Daily Varnish Extra…..Rite Aid now has Color Club! I don’t know when that happened but Color Club displays seem to be popping up in Rite Aid’s all over the country. The particular Rite Aid I went to had a display for the Blossoming and Take Wing collections. The Blossoming collection just really isn’t up my alley, so I passed entirely on that display. But the Take Wing collection looked gorgeous! All the colors were bright and super shimmery.

I had a hard time picking just one polish to get from the Take Wing collection. I settled on Metamorphosis for a couple reason. The legitimate reason I picked Metamorphosis was it looked completely different from anything in my collection. The other reason I picked this polish is a bit ridiculous. The Metamorphosis is one of my favorite works of literature of all time. It was required reading in my first World Lit class in college and I was very taken with not just the story, but the way it was written. I’ve read it over and over again since that class, so it only seemed fitting I have a polish named Metamorphosis!

Fortunately, this isn’t going to be one of those polishes I bought for the name and end up disappointed. Metamorphosis is a gorgeous almost foil green leaning teal. It also has a subtle duochrome effect so it can sometimes appear a bit more blue.

Due to the finish of this polish, the formula is a bit on the thin side. I used three to four coats and was happy with the opaqueness of the polish.

Prior to Metamorphosis the only Color Club polishes I had tried came in the sets that you can often find at Ross. Those bottles lack labels with the color names which drives me crazy! Those bottles also don’t have the cute flower on top of the cap. Check below the jump for bottle pictures 🙂

I really do love this polish. It is so gorgeous. This worked out much better than the last polish I bought named after one of my favorite books, Essie Room With a View.

Macro shot and other pictures below the jump! Including more pictures of the DIY caviar manicure that was featured in yesterday’s Fish Egg Friday post.


8 responses to “Color Club Metamorphosis

  1. It’s very beautiful. I bought it because it looked a bit like China Glaze Watermelon Rind that I had on wishlist.

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  3. Beautiful!
    I checked my Rite Aid last week and they still didn’t have the CC.
    This one reminds me of Milani Key West. If by chance you have it, can you do a comparison?

    • I don’t have Milani Key West, unfortunately. It’s strange, I’ve never heard of that polish until this week and you’re the second person to mention it!

      Hopefully your Rite Aid will get CC soon.

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