SpaRitual Flashback

Earth Fare was never a place I thought to go to look for nail polish. I drive by one almost everyday, but I had never been in. Truthfully, Earth Fare is alot like Trader Joe’s and I’ve been shopping at Trader Joe’s since I was in law school so I was bit bias towards the Trader Joe’s chain. But then I got wind that Earth Fare carried SpaRitual nail polish. I was there the next day!

They had a lovely display  with 24 polishes (they also had a few minis). No sign of any of the newer collections but I was excited none the less because I’ve never had access to SpaRitual before. Despite my excitement, none of the colors jumped out at me immediately. I finally settled on Flashback which is from SpaRitual’s Summer 2010 Kaleidoscope collection. At Earth Fare these polishes were $8.49.

Flashback is, as Katie put it, a traffic cone orange neon creme. It is BRIGHT! It’s so bright it freaks out my camera a bit so it is significantly brighter than it appears in my swatch, but the color itself is accurate.

This is a neon so it dries to that funny matte finish. A shiny top coat is definitely required! I used Rush 60 Second High Speed top coat. Otherwise, application was perfect.

SpaRitual is a vegan nail polish brand (yay!). I also love the unique bottle. The top is rubberized, similar to Orly, which is always a good thing in my mind.

Now that I now I have access to SpaRitual I’m going to have to start paying attention when they release a new collection. I’m already looking forward to my next polish from this brand. I’d love some suggestions to check out!


10 responses to “SpaRitual Flashback

  1. How cool! SpaRitual is a brand I’ve always wanted to check out too but I’ve never seen any in stores.

  2. I’ve never tried any SpaRitual before because it hasn’t been readily available. But now my Sephora got a super pimped out nail polish section that includes SpaRitual so, like you, I’m going to start paying more attention to new releases. I’d definitely like to try at least one of their polishes just to see what they’re all about.

    • I’ve heard rumors of this new nail polish section in Sephora. I haven’t been to either of the Sephora’s near me lately….I’m going to have to make a point to go check them out!

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  4. I like the tiger stripes!

  5. Whoops this was meant for your Bazooka entry 😛

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