Finger Paints Grape Gumball

If you caught my haul post over on The Daily Varnish Extra then you know I had quite the shopping binge the other day. Grape Gumball was part of that binge. I spotted the Finger Paints Gumballs & Lollipops collection display at Sally’s and I just had to have this polish.

When I first saw Grape Gumball I thought it was just another purple creme. But as soon as I started looking closely at the bottle I realized I was so wrong! Grape Gumball is actually a medium blue based purple packed with subtle shimmer. The shimmer reminds me alot of Essie Smooth Sailing. Just gorgeous.

The formula is fantastic. This could almost be a one coater, but I used two (which was strange as I am a habitual three coater!).

The rest of the Gumdrops & Lollipops collection didn’t wow me, but I’m so glad I picked up Grape Gumball. It’s the perfect purple for Spring!

There are a few more swatches below the jump (including a few shots in direct sunlight).


11 responses to “Finger Paints Grape Gumball

  1. This is pretty! I love the shimmer!

  2. This looks lovely on you! I agree, I think it’s a pretty unique polish in terms of color and finish. 🙂 I’ve got to wear mine one of these days!

  3. So Pretty! I loved it and almost grabbed it but I didn’t because I thought it might be a dupe for smooth sailing. Do you know if it is?

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