Cult Nails – Toxic Seaweed

A few weeks ago, I was having a great time on Twitter talking to some other polish bloggers when the subject of Cult Nails came up. I said I’d never tried Cult Nails but I’d been following Maria (of Cult Nails) adventures on R3Daily since before she received her first batch of My Kind of Cool Aid. Maria jumped in and said that I had to try it and she’d treat me to my first bottle! I was so excited and joked around saying that perhaps this would be my gateway into the cult…

…flash forward to yesterday! I received my package from Cult Nails with the beautiful Toxic Seaweed! I immediately opened it and started taking off my current mani and put it on right away – and…. I love it.

Toxic Seawed - Three coats, Artificial Light.

I loved it so much that I actually opened up Cult Nails to place my first real order and then remembered that they’re having a huge sale in a few days, so I’m waiting for that (I know Cruisin’ Nude and Iconic will be the first in my shopping cart!).

Much like Cult Nails, this polish really has taken the polish blogging world by storm. Toxic Seaweed is the limited edition polish from the Let’s Get Nekkid! Collection.

It’s hard to put into words how gorgeous polish is – it’s beautiful glitter and gold/orange/red flakes set in a green jelly base – seriously stunning. I used 4 coats to build it up – the base leans a bit more teal in the first couple of coats then builds up to a beautiful emerald green. For your reference, the picture on the left is 4 coats in direct sunlight and the picture on the right is 3 coats in my lightbox.

So.. Overall? I’m sold. I can’t wait for the sale to add more Cult Nails polish to my collection. A big thank you to Maria for sending me this polish and getting me hooked!


7 responses to “Cult Nails – Toxic Seaweed

  1. Whoa, that color’s amazing…. !!!

  2. Such a pretty color! And now that the sale is done…I hope you put Cruisin’ Nude in your cart. It is definitely my favorite nude polish; it has such a great pink shimmer to it! But Toxic Seaweed looks amazing.

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