Julep Nail Appliques Rivets

Katie received these nail appliques in her Julep Valentine’s Day Mystery Box. She surprised me by sending them my way! I was excited to try these….the only other thing similar to these that I have tried are the Sally Hansen Salon Effects line. I’m a huge fan of those, so I figured these may also be up my alley.

I quite like the Rivets design. It’s a black background with shimmery silver dots. The design feels very edgy. And I got so many compliments while wearing these! My only complaint is the dots are raised so the manicure is very bumpy.

The packaging says these wear for 3 to 7 days. I wore these for about 5 and a half before having a mishap and removing them. And application was kind of a pain.

Each pack of Julep Nail Appliques contains 16 nail stickers and retail for $14 on the Julep website.

Below the jump there are alot more pictures and details regarding application, wear and removal.

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Packaging: Julep Nail Appliques come in envelope style packaging. Each set includes 16 nail stickers, a wooden stick and mini nail file. Note: the name of this design was NO WHERE on the packaging. I had to find the name on the Julep website. ETA: Katie pointed out the name is on the back above the bar code. I looked on the packaging forever and couldn’t find the name!

Application: The directions are fairly standard. I followed them to a tee and still ran into a few problems. Despite applying these to clean, oil free nails, I had difficulty getting them to stick to the edges of my nails. To remedy this problem when I applied the Julep Fast Dry top coat I first wrapped the nails at the tip and used the wooden stick to push own the sticker and get them to adhere to the nail. Then I applied the top coat to the rest of my nail and again used the wooden stick to get any loose edges to adhere to the nail. This was to say the least time consuming and a pain!

A major negative I noticed when applying these was that both ends of the nail appliques aren’t rounded. So there is ALOT of waste if you have shorter nails like me.

Wear: I wore these for about 5 and a half days with very little chipping or tip wear. During the sixth day of wear I was rinsing off some dishes in the kitchen and the sticker on my left pointer finger just started to peel off! At that point I decided the best thing to do was to remove the appliques.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Removal: The directions for removal are to wet the nail appliques with warm water and use the wooden stick to lift the appliques from the nail and peel off. This worked ok. It did leave alot of residue on the nail that was easily removed with acetone.

Overall, I do like these. But I’m not convinced they are worth $14 a pop. The Sally Hansen Salon Effects version is cheaper and works just as well.


8 responses to “Julep Nail Appliques Rivets

  1. I have the exact same ones and have yet to try them, I change my nails polish so much I’m afraid I’ll get bored and try to peel them off the next day. Instead I’m going to wait when I don’t have time to do my nails. When you were peeling them up, was the glue residue on your nail or did it peel parts of your actual nail?

    • I was getting pretty bored with them by day 3, but luckily it was a busy week so not having to do my nails was a good thing!

      It did not peel parts of my actual nail. That’s just residue from the glue on the back of the appliques. I didn’t notice any nail damage from these.

  2. I really like these! They look great on you 🙂

  3. They look really good!

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