Nail Polish Storage and Organization 2012

It’s hard for me to believe this will be my third nail polish storage and organization post! I’ve been trying to do one of these a year. As my collection grows and changes, so does my nail polish storage. Two years ago I started out with one Melmer, and now my collection has expanded to two Melmers and a nail polish rack that is mounted on the wall.

This year I wanted to something a little bit different. In the past I just posted pictures of my storage methods and wrote about them, which works well. But I thought doing a video might give a bit of a different perspective. Especially since my collection is not all in the same place anymore.

Because this is going to be quite a long post I’m going to post it below the jump.



Two years ago I posted about getting my first Melmer. That is still the way I store the vast majority of my collection. I started out with just one, but have since expanded to 2.

Melmer’s can be purchased at Michaels for around $40. I have never paid that much for a Melmer. They are often on sale, I picked both mine up for under $20 a piece. Melmer’s are 14.25 inches in height and width, and 14.5 inches deep. Despite not being huge, each Melmer can hold up to 300 OPI nail polishes.

These units are stackable. So, if like me, you eventually grow out of one Melmer, it’s very easy to expand.

There are a couple minor negative to the Melmer. One, it does have to be put together. It’s not particularly challenging, but none the less, assembly is required! Secondly, the bottom of the drawers are slick. Nail polishes slide around like crazy. Fortunately, that’s an easy fix. I put Duck non adhesive drawer liner in the bottom of all the drawers. Worked like a charm. The polishes stay put!

While I do keep the vast majority of polishes in my two Melmers, I keep what I consider to be my favorite polishes in the nail polish rack that I built. The rack holds between 84-90 polishes, depending on bottle size. For more info on how I built this rack check out this post.

The only thing left to store is my nail art stuff. This is definitely the part of my collection that has grown the most over the past year. I still don’t consider myself a nail art junky by any means, but it is something I enjoy doing from time to time.

I keep my nail art supplies in a drawer in my vanity (which is actually an old desk that was sitting around the house…). What I’ve found works best for me is to get smaller containers to separate things in the large drawer. It also helps if you can find something that allows things such as nail art polishes and nail files can stand up.

Right now this storage is working very well for me. Recently I did a collection purge so I’ve got room to grow again. As far as organization goes….I am still organizing by color. It’s easier to spot dupes that way and often I get in the mood for a certain color but I’m not sure which polish I want to use.

Another great way to organize is to create a nail polish spreadsheet. I’m way behind on updating mine (#ashamed) but it is a fabulous way to keep track of what you have. It’s also completely customizable to your needs. For ideas on creating your own spreadsheet, check out mine here.

I feel like that was a marathon post! For more info and to see how I have this all set up in my house, check out the video below 🙂


9 responses to “Nail Polish Storage and Organization 2012

  1. Great collection! I love the rack you built yourself, it’s nice to see one’s fave polishes every day 😉 Wish I had the space to built up my own.

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