Alli’s Favs: China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

Emerald Sparkle is a bit of a nail polish legend. People went completely and totally nuts when this was released as part of China Glaze’s 2008 Sleigh Ride holiday collection. Generally speaking, this kind of nail polish isn’t my thing, so I initially passed. But at the end of the day the hype pulled me in. I ended up getting this on clearance and am so glad I picked it up.

Emerald Sparkle is medium size green glitter suspended in a deep green jelly base. The formula is a bit of a pain. I needed three coats to really get the color even.

This polish is beautiful and unique in my collection. The only negative is even after 2 coats of a top coat my manicure wasn’t perfectly smooth (you can really tell in the macro shot below the jump). But I can let that slide.

Like OPI My Private Jet, there are multiple versions of this polish. I definitely do not have the original release but I don’t think my bottle is what is commonly known around the nail polish community as the “bad” version. My bottle seems to be some where in between. For reference, I purchased my bottle in March of 2010. Alot more info can be found over on Scrangie’s blog here.

Why Emerald Sparkle is a favorite: Emerald Sparkle has quickly become a St. Patrick’s Day tradition for me. It works well because while it is sparkly and green it’s also a little more subtle than say the Shamrock nail art I posted yesterday. Since I always wear green on St. Patrick’s Day Emerald Sparkle doesn’t clash quite as much. Due to this, Emerald Sparkle always reminds me of great St. Patrick’s Days of the past.

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4 responses to “Alli’s Favs: China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

  1. Super pretty! I really like that green!

  2. Very nice color!

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