China Glaze Smoke and Ashes

As I was telling Katie last night, China Glaze’s Hunger Games collection was not made for girls with skintones like mine! There are a ton of very warm polishes that I’m sure would look gorgeous on warmer skintones, but not on me! When I spotted the collection at Sally’s Smoke and Ashes was the only polish from the collection I had any interest in. Katie said something about this being the District 12 polish. I don’t know much about that, I’m not a Hunger Games person, but just FYI!

Smoke and Ashes is an almost black with medium sized glitter that flashes varies colors between green and blue. In the bottle this polish looks so gorgeous, but on the nails it kind of falls flat. The glitter doesn’t show up that well, even in the sun.

The formula is fantastic. This polish is a true one coater, though I did use two!

I am pretty disappointed in this polish. Ulta Professional Underground is a better version of this polish. And if I want a not quite black polish I almost always reach for OPI Light My Sapphire.

Moral of the story….this is a polish I would skip! There is a macro shot below the jump.




14 responses to “China Glaze Smoke and Ashes

  1. I have heard from others that this one needs ‘something’ on top of it. Only a few have talked about finding the green in this one. I surely don’t see it – like you, it looks black to me.

  2. “smoke and ashes” looks great in the bottle. not as interesting on, though 😦

    alli, i think we might have pretty similar skin tones: i’m pale and pretty pinkish, and as a bonus i have a bunch of freckles, so cooler-toned colors are usually fine on me. but i read the hunger games books and loved them, and then when i found out a polish collection was on the way, i *might* have squealed out loud. not gonna lie, i bought the whole collection from sally’s online right when it came out. in spite of my skin tone. i may have a problem…

    but anyway, i have been pleasantly surpised with the 2 warmer-looking polishes i’ve tried. “fast track” looked way better on me than i thought it would, same with “agro.” haven’t tried the rest yet, and i admit “mahogany magic” is probably going to look like crap on my hands – literally! but orange/gold/bronze usually work with my skin tone, so the majority of them should look decent on me. they better, at least, so i don’t feel dumb for buying the whole collection. 🙂

    • It sounds like we could be skin twins! If I was a Hunger Games person I could definitely see myself being more excited for this collection.

  3. Alli, I feel like a lot of your swatches look almost rubberized. I’m not really sure how to explain it, but the swatches are just looking rather strange.

    I have a pinky cool skintone as well and I love the way this looks on me. In direct light or sunlight the shimmer is more noticeable, but I love the way the polish looks in general.

    I also purchased Fast Track, Riveting, and Harvest Moon and feel that they all look fairly well on my skin.

    • I think it’s the top coat I’ve been using. I’ve been giving Julep’s fast try top coat a try and I really just don’t like it. It smells like super glue!

      Anyways, I’m glad you like this polish. It just didn’t “do” it for me.

  4. I thought that it was going to be a really deep green. It is really dark and looks mostly black. I agree that it looks so much better in the bottle.

  5. I got this polish and the district 4 polish, which I can’t remember the name of now…electrify maybe? I too was disapointed in this polish because the bottle looks like it’s got teal micro-glitter but you just can’t see it on…I put Set in Stones over it, but still wasn’t in love…I tried Pure Pearlfection…still not in love…any suggestions on a silver microglitter?

  6. You know, when I saw this in the bottle I got very excited – it reminded me of their Emerald Sparkle. I put this color on a nail wheel with a fast drying top coat. I will take a picture of it next weekend to show you how the top coat really made a difference. Hopefully the sun will be out, too. 😀

    • I’m actually wearing this again now (trying to figure out how to give it the wow factor is so lacks) and even with a different top coat I don’t love it. The microglitter just doesn’t show up enough. The base is too dark. Even in the sun.

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