China Glaze Magnetix – Pull Me Close

Today I was on the hunt for China Glaze’s The Hunger Games Collection. I struck out at two Sally’s – the displays were so picked over, so I grabbed two polishes from the Magnetix collection. While I was sharing my Hunger Games woes checking out, the sales lady reminded me of a third Sally’s close by….

But I digress… I picked up Pull Me Close and Cling On. Pull Me Close is a dusty grey/blue that’s right up my alley. I’ve been wanting to try Magnetic polish for a long time – but I didn’t want to spend the money on Nails Inc and without reading reviews about the one’s that are at Wags – didn’t want to waste my money.

The deal at Sally’s was buy two polishes + get the magnet free – I’m not sure if that’s how it works everywhere or not. Seems to me that a magnet should come with the magnetic polish free of charge…

The directions call for a base coat + one coat of polish and also recommend doing one nail at a time. Once you get the hang of it, the magnet is easy to use, it has mini ledges/guides to keep you from hitting your nail against the magnet – though I did a few times anyway. No big deal, just wipe it clean and start over.

Overall, I’m loving these and will probably pick up a few more polishes. It’s fun, the dry time is short (which is always a plus for me), and you can get 3+ looks from each.

So, if you’ve been waiting to jump on the magnetic polish train – go ahead and grab some Magnetix.

Make it a great day!



7 responses to “China Glaze Magnetix – Pull Me Close

  1. How funny I literally just got home, checked my email and this was the first email I got. I bought the exact same color at Sally’s and was there looking for the Hunger Games collection but there was only a few colors left. I tried the polish and I really like it!

    • You must have read my mind! I ended up going to the third Sally’s and got 2 HG polishes that I’m pretty happy with 🙂 But I think the Magnetix are so fun!

      • I know I love them! I have sooo much new polish thought that Idk what to use, so I might use that later. I tried the strips magnet and it looks so cool and I tried the star but it didnt work out for me :\

  2. Ohh, this seemed to work very well! I’m glad I picked two of them up now!

  3. I ended up picking Drawn to you and pull me close lol. I haven’t used them yet though. I have wayy too much polish.. lol

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