Spoiled by wet n wild Club Rat

I have such a love hate relationship with the Spoiled line of polishes! This is another polish I picked up during CVS’s 2 for $3 sale (along with Deeper Dive). And as with every other polish I have tried from this  line….the color is great, the wear is amazing but the application was a nightmare!

Club Rat is a gorgeous bright magenta jelly packed with mircoglitter. The color is amazing and I’m not a pink polish girl. Sadly, the application was the usual nightmare. Now, this brush didn’t have any wonky bristles like Deeper Dive, but I still just really dislike the brush in general. It’s wide AND round. Pick one or the other! For more info and pictures of the brush check out my post on Steel the Show.

Despite the application issues, this wore wonderfully. I still have it on (it’s day 4!) and I barely have any tip wear.

At this point I have tried 3 polishes from this line and they all were not the easiest to apply. But they also all wear amazingly. I very rarely wear any polish more than 2 days because I hate the way wear tip wear looks. So I would definitely recommend this line because of the wear. Also, if you have any SinfulColors polishes you don’t use, those caps fit the Spoiled bottles!

There is a macro shot below the jump.


2 responses to “Spoiled by wet n wild Club Rat

  1. This is such a gorgeous color!! I love the shimmer it has. Sucks about the application though. Glad to hear the wear time is good too.

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