Julep – Helena (+ February and March Maven Boxes)

I am absolutely swimming in Julep nail polish – don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but I’ve had such a hard time trying to pick one out to show you all! They’re all so lovely!

I finally decided on Helena because the first comment on my last post was by… Helena! So Helena, thank you for reading and making me finally make a decision about which Julep polish to post first!

Helena came in my Valentine’s Mystery Box (#7) – along with 6 other polishes, a top coat (that I sent to Alli to review), and lots of other goodies (including the Julep Top Coat for Hair – which I am absolutely loving).

Julep describes this as an ultra saturated fuchsia – works for me! I really like this color – I see myself wearing it a lot in the warmer months – but it makes for a good choice year round. It reminds me a lot of Sinful Colors – Dream On (yes, I’m shuddering at that swatch too – moving on!) but better. Like Dream On, Helena is a neon so it does dry matte – but it applies very smoothly and I only used two coats. Since Dream On was a bit more difficult, that makes Helena the clear winner.

Overall, I do like the Julep polishes quite a lot – but I think the price is worth noting here. Helena retails for $14 for .27 oz of product -which makes it a mini – most standard nail polishes come in .5 oz. I’ll let you do the math on that. Is it worth it? I can’t say yet, I have so many more to review.

I also just realized I haven’t posted my February or March boxes, so if you’d like details on those you can check them out below. If not – have a lovely day – do something fabulous for yourself (or someone else!) Also – if you haven’t tried out Julep and you’d like to, you can use my referral link here – they have promos frequently – I’ll post any promo codes I come across.



First up, I have my February Boxes to show you! Yep, boxes. I submitted a request to change my style and there was a computer glitch that didn’t process it – so they sent out my correct box a few days later.

Julep Maven February: American Beauty

I had decided to switch from American Beauty to It Girl, because Oscar came with both (though I sent one to Alli for an Oscar’s surprise, and featured one in my Oscar & Anne giveaway) – and because I’m doing quite well in the red department – I was excited to try the cuticle oil though – I like it a lot – it’s a roller ball style which is unique and the smell is pleasant. I’ve worn Glenn on my toes a few times, and while it’s not unique it is a nice polish.

Julep Maven February: It Girl

Ah – the reason for the mix up! I chose to switch from American Beauty to It Girl mainly because of Rachel – I love bronze polishes – and I’m a sucker for dark blues so I knew I’d love Elizabeth. Since this one had 3 polishes, there was no bonus product (like the cuticle oil in the American Beauty Box) – I have to say, the chocolate was quite tasty too!

Julep Maven March: Boho Glam

To be honest I was torn between Boho Glam and Classic with a Twist – but I’m pleased with my choice – at least on first sight. I just got this a few days ago so I haven’t had the chance to try out either polish.

I’m most excited about Alicia – and I think Portia will probably make a great layering polish. I just love how these are all packaged – it’s like getting a birthday gift every month! Who doesn’t love presents? (Other than The Grinch..). Anyway! I’m intrigued by the Elixir – it says it can be used on hair, hands, and nails. Interesting!

So, I’ll be getting around to swatching all of these. Any requests on swatches? If anyone comments on any of my posts who shares a name with one of these polishes they’ll be up next for sure. The January and Valentine’s Mystery boxes are fair game too.





8 responses to “Julep – Helena (+ February and March Maven Boxes)

  1. I’m interested to see what Portia looks like. I imagine it needs to be layered over something though.

  2. Nice name on a lovely polish ๐Ÿ™‚

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