Spoiled by wet n wild Deeper Dive

Spoiled is wet n wild’s latest new nail polish line. I spotted the line originally at CVS back in December and tried Steel the Show which I had fabulous luck with. So when I saw Spoiled polishes were going to be 2 for $3 this week (plus I had some Extra Care Bucks to burn) I knew I had to pick up a couple more. I settled on Deeper Dive and Club Rat.

Deeper Dive is blue and some silver glitter suspended in a teal jelly base. It reminds me a bit of a more glittery version of OPI Yodel Me on My Cell. The polish itself is really quite gorgeous. But, since it is a jelly, it’s basically impossible to get an opaque color. I used three coats and there was a still a visible nail line. I do think this would be wonderful as a top coat.

Now, regarding application. I mentioned in my post on Steel the Show that the brush wasn’t great. Well, with this particular formula, the brush was HORRIBLE! The brush is wide and dense which isn’t so bad when applying a creme like Steel the Show but was terrible with the glitter in this polish. To top it all off, I had some wonky bristles (that I probably just need to cut off…) making it impossible to apply this polish with any kind of precision. To understand this brush you just have to see it. There is a picture below the jump.

Despite the application problems, this polish does wear extremely well, which seems to be a theme with this line. So thumbs up for that! Now if only they could fix the brush problem….


10 responses to “Spoiled by wet n wild Deeper Dive

  1. *Boo* about the brush! That color is such my kinda color, though, wow. =o

  2. Hi Alli,

    Brush is NASTY.

    Color is very attractive, but how do you propose to use a turquoise as a top coat? (Please pardon my lack of imagination, I beg…)

    I have a few quite transparent polishes that I use for a reverse-gradient effect (paint the tip third, then 2/3 from the tip, then the whole nail to get a multi color gradient). Is that what you meant?

    Hugs from cold and snowy Maritime Canada!

  3. You’re lucky yours came with a brush! I bought one the other day (“Bite Me”) and the brush is missing. It must have fallen off inside, been pulled out by a mischievous customer, or been mistakenly shipped off without one. I have no idea how to use it now, nor am I sure CVS will refund/let me exchange it. Do they sell nail polish brushes by themselves…?

    • Sinful Colors caps do fit these bottles. But I would take it back. I’ve always had great luck with CVS letting me return things (even beauty products!).

  4. Hi! New reader here.

    I bought a couple Spoiled nail polishes today (including Deeper Dive) and had the same issues. The brushes are horrendous! Two of mine won’t even fit back in the bottles without half of the bristles being pushed to the sides. Very disappointed.

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