Julep Oscar

Happy Oscars Sunday! I am by no means a huge movie buff but I do enjoy watching the Oscars. The fashion is always amazing and who doesn’t like to see if their favorites win!? In honor of Oscar Sunday I decided Julep Oscar was very appropriate.

Oscar is straight up gold glitter suspended in a clear base. I wouldn’t call the glitter chunky but it is on the large side. The glitter is kind of sparse (this is very obvious in the macro shot below the jump)…I used 4 coats in this swatch and the glitter is obviously still not opaque. I do think Oscar is better suited for a top coat.

While the formula isn’t fantastic as a stand alone polish, I will say this glitter wears extremely well. The only other gold glitter I have in my collection is OPI Gift of Gold and it wears HORRIBLY.

Julep polishes are quite expensive. This is a full size polish though it is only .27 fl oz and costs $14 (if you buy it separately). Katie does the Julep Maven program (you can see her January box here and surprise Valentine’s Day box here) and the polishes come out to be less expensive that way.

Even still, I think Julep has better polishes to offer than Oscar. This is a look I could get doing a DIY glitter polish project. Though I will admit, it is kind of fun to have a polish specifically for the Oscars!

Tonight I must admit I am cheering on Moneyball, The Help and Midnight in Paris. Those 3 movies were definitely my favorites from this past year, but I will admit I haven’t seen all the nominees for best picture.

Want to be a Maven? If you’re interested in trying out the Julep Maven Program, you can use my referral link here, take the style quiz, and get your first introbox! The boxes cost 19.99 but there are always codes floating about. Currently you can use the code: JULEPVIP to get your introbox for a penny. If you don’t want to keep your subscription you just call them up to cancel by the 24th of any given month.

4 responses to “Julep Oscar

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  2. It’s so weird. I tried my Oscar the other day as a top coat over a polish I thought was kind of boring and it was so thick I had full coverage after one coat. You couldn’t see the original polish below and it was a bright blue! The color looked weird on my skin so I took it off right away. I was totally thrown off by how opaque it was.

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