Alli’s Favs: butter LONDON Victoriana

Favorite #1! This is the first post of my Alli’s Favs project.

Victoriana is from butter LONDON’s Fall 2010 collection that was a tribute to Alexander McQueen. butter LONDON describes this as a “textured twinkling vintage blue.” That is a fairly accurate description. Victoriana does have a bit of a metallic feel to it as well.

The formula is fabulous. I used only two coats and was perfectly happy with the results.

Make sure to check out the macro shot below the jump. The “shimmer” (I hate to call it shimmer because it’s not really shimmer…) in this polish is amazing!

Why butter LONDON Victoriana is a favorite: This was the first butter LONDON nail polish I ever purchased. I had been lemming butter LONDON polishes for ages but they weren’t sold anywhere in my area. Then one magical day I walked into Ulta and there was butter LONDON everywhere! I was so excited. Yes, this is a beautiful color, but the fact that it was my first butter LONDON polish is why it makes the cut.

One down, 88 to go!



8 responses to “Alli’s Favs: butter LONDON Victoriana

  1. is this similar to “rotterdam” or “herring” from the new opi collection? i have victoriana and haven’t worn it yet (for shame) and wondering if i should skip the new ones!

    • It’s along the same vein as Rotterdam but they are quite different. Victoriana is much more similar to Herring though I do not think they are dupes.

  2. I’ve had my eye on that one for a while but i just received Zoya’s Skylar and I’m thinking they’re similar. Wondering if I “need” both. lol

  3. I would die for this shade – love at first sight!

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