Alli’s Favs: New Project!

I mentioned in my post about my DIY nail polish rack that I wanted to reorganize the polishes that would be displayed. When I initially put up the rack in contained mostly OPI polishes. Not that I don’t like all of those polishes but I wanted to display polishes that I love for one reason or another. While I was doing this I realized I haven’t worn so many of what I consider my favorite polishes in so long which is absurd! To rectify this situation I decided I wanted to do a series of blog posts called “Alli’s Favs.” None of my favorites have been swatched in my lightbox so for the most part there aren’t even good swatches of these polishes on this blog!

I ended up with 2 rows of OPI, 1 row each of Essie and China Gaze and then the last 2 rows are a variety of brands. There are a total of 89 polishes being displayed that I consider to be favorites so this is going to be quite the undertaking. But I really do hope I stick to it!





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