Celeb Nails: Katy Perry

About a week ago  I posted a picture of Katy Perry with her fabulous blue hair and matching nails on The Daily Varnish’s Tumblr account. I didn’t have much intention of trying out the manicure, but I was in a bit of a nail rut the other day and decided that was the perfect time to try something a little bit different.

Generally speaking, I am not a fan of French manicures. I used to rock them CONSTANTLY in high school, but not much since. So to say the least, I was a bit skeptical about giving this a try.

As the base for this manicure I used 2 coats of Essie Room With a View and for the tip I used SinfulColors Paradise. I just free handed the tips so they aren’t super precise, but to the naked eye they look pretty even. Of course I have no idea exactly what polishes Katy used, but I think this is a pretty good attempt to recreate the look.

Surprisingly I kind of love this manicure. It’s a chic way to wear bright colors. Certainly this isn’t something I would do all the time, but it’s great for a change or when I need a break from full on polished nails.




2 responses to “Celeb Nails: Katy Perry

  1. that’s really adorable. i don’t normally like french manis, esp funky french manis, but something about this just works!

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