butter LONDON Slapper

Oh butter LONDON. You are my weakness! For Spring/Summer 2012 butter LONDON released 5 new polishes. As soon as I saw the promo pictures Slapper caught my eye. It looked like a very “me” color. As soon as I spotted the new colors at Ulta I had to pick it up!

Slapper is what butter LONDON describes as a “truly teal lacquer, bold and very bright.” That description is far more accurate than anything I would be able to come up with! This polish was VERY difficult to photograph. The color of my swatch is pretty accurate but it does not show how vivid and bright the color really is. It’s so gorgeous! Slapper is definitely going to compete with Macbeth for my favorite butter LONDON polish.

As usual for butter LONDON polishes application was great. I used three coats, though two would have been sufficient. Also, this bottle had the little bird on the lid which I totally love. Most of my bottles don’t have the bird….the only other one that has it is Branwen’s Feather which I did not purchase at Ulta. So I don’t know what the deal with that is, but, if you don’t know what bird I’m talking about, there is a picture below the jump.

I was curious about the name of this polish so I tweeted a couple of my British friends and my friend Clare said that a slapper was a “girl who gets around a bit.” Hm. I think I’ll just leave it at that!


4 responses to “butter LONDON Slapper

  1. I love this polish! I took a pic for a friend to see and I agree, it’s hard to photograph! Your pics show the green. My pics made it look more blue/turquoise. I am addicted to butter London cremes!

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