10 Professional Nail Lacquer From Paris With Love

What seems like an eternity ago CVS started carrying the 10 Professional Nail Lacquer line of polishes. I was never all that motivated the give the line a try for several reasons. None of the color offerings were very unique, the bottle is really quite ugly and it’s $4.99 a bottle. But eventually I decided to pick up From Paris With Love just because of the name. Since today is Wear Red for Women day I decided now is as good of a time as any to give this polish a try.

From Paris With Love is a shimmery red with slight brown undertones. The color is certainly not unique, but nice none the less. Application was good. I had opaque, streak free color in just 2 coats.

The only complaint I have about this polish is even after I topped this polish with my usual top coat it was kind of dull.

Overall, I’m not all that impressed with this polish, but I don’t hate it either. I doubt I’ll be trying any other polishes from this line. And as far as polishes with Paris in the name…I definitely prefer OPI We’ll Always Have Paris.

Check out the macro shot below the jump 🙂




2 responses to “10 Professional Nail Lacquer From Paris With Love

  1. This is the BEST nail polish I ever had in my live!!!! I am 54 years old, I polish my nails since I was 10 years old. I tried all brand included Lancom and other expensive ones. THEY ALL Junk!!!! All of them! They all chip on next day. The NAIL POLISH COMPANY DOING IT ON PURPOSE, THEY WANT US TO BUY MORE AND MORE THEM PRODUCT! THIS BRAND 10 PRO NAIL POLISH VERY SHINY, DOESN’T CHIP at all . I was wearing 2 weeks, It’s look perfect. It’s the best product on the EARTH! I WILL RECOMMENDED EVERYONE TO BUY ONLY THIS PRODUCT. VERONIKA.

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