essie – meet me at sunset

I must have had this polish on brain after reading Elle’s post about bright polishes! I was definitely needing some cheerful colors on my nails and so I picked this up at Walgreen’s (along with Eternal Optimist).

Meet me at Sunset was originally released as a part of the Brazilliant collection (Summer 2011). When I put it on I instantly fell in love with it! It fit my need perfectly- bright and cheerful! Though essie’s description calls this “a deep vibrant orange.” However, I think we could initiate a red-orange vs. orange-red debate a la Crayola… Either way, it’s lovely.

Obviously from the bottle, this is the retail not the salon version – and while many of you hate the white logo – I think it’s kind of cute, as long as the glass logos are still there, I’m okay with it.

In my shopping spree, I also picked up 2 polishes from Fingerpaint’s Special Effects collection: Asylum and Twisted. I’ll do a full post on both of them, but wanted to give you a sneak peek of Meet Me at Sunset + Twisted. So gorgeous! It makes me think of dancing flames (and brings to mind The Hunger Games…).

Happy Monday!


3 responses to “essie – meet me at sunset

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  2. This post inspired my current mani! I used Ulta Salon Formula in Eye Popping Poppy and put Essie Shine of the Times over it! the weird thing is, the green shine in the Essie disappears! Its actually kindof a subtle glitter this way, which aint what I was goin’ for! 😀 but I still like it! Oh, the Ulta polish took like 45 minutes for the 2nd coat to dry :s but the color is fantastic!

    • That’s so great! But – 45 minutes! I’d go crazy (or more realistically ding it on something – I really can’t sit still) I bet that was gorgeous – I’d love to see a picture! I used to really only think of flakies over dark colors – but more and more I’m loving them over everything 🙂

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