deborah lippmann Today Was a Fairytale

It’s hard to believe but this is my first Deborah Lippmann polish! I finally gave in. This is a polish I have wanted since it came out because, as embarrassing as it may be, I’m a total Taylor Swift fangirl. I love the girl, I love her music, so of course I had to have the polish named after one of her songs.

Today Was a Fairytale is large silver glitter and small silver glitter suspended in a sheer blue leaning gray base. It is quite gorgeous in the bottle, but that doesn’t completely translate on the nail. The base color is VERY sheer and I had to use 4 coats to get the glitter opaque enough for my liking.

I am looking forward to using this as a top coat. But I’m not sure this polish is worth $16 to just use as a top coat. But I will hold my judgment until I’ve tried it!

Check below the jump for a macro shot 🙂




14 responses to “deborah lippmann Today Was a Fairytale

  1. No, you’re right…it’s not worth $16, and OPI and essie both have comparable polishes for much less.

  2. if you live near an urban outfitters, their polish “dust” is a more pigmented and opaque, cheaper version of TWAFT, plus two sizes of hex glitter, regular glitter, and microglitter. and retails for $5.

  3. Crown Me Already by OPI is a likely dupe for half the price. There are so many good dupes for DL polishes out!

  4. I’m going to be the voice of descent here – I love, love, LOVE this polish. I’ve worn it alone and felt coverage was good at 3 coats, and I’ve used it as a top coat and it really made things pop. Totally worth every penny in my book.

  5. I actually LOVE this polish and slpurged on it as well because of the same reason.//the name! 😀

    Jenny @ Jems From Jenny

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