Zoya – Jules

I was wandering around Ulta a week or two ago and they had tons of great polishes on clearance. A good selection of Zoya, China Glaze, and OPI – ironically it included Alli’s mega-lemming for the past 2 years – Dating a Royal – but I’d just sent her my bottle so I decided to let someone else find that lovely blue jelly treasure.

I decided to pick up Jules – I’d always looked at this when thinking about ordering from Zoya and for 3.49 it was a total steal.Originally from last spring’s Intimate collection, Zoya describes Jules as “A sparkling neutral light taupe with gold, silver and champagne metallic shimmer. A new modern metallic that gives an ultra-luxe look. ” I couldn’t describe it better than that so I won’t try!

The application was great – I used 3 coats and a coat of Seche Vite on top.

While it’s not the most unique polish… it’s very me, very flattering, and I’m glad to have it in my collection.

Happy Saturday!



9 responses to “Zoya – Jules

  1. I got Zoya Phoebe and Zoya Dita at the sale. They didn’t have much on clearance at either of the stores in my city…they’ve only had Zoya in stock for a few months now, though.

    • You know – the Ulta/Zoya relationship is very interesting to me. Sometimes they have the new collections quickly, and sometimes not at all. My Ulta has had Zoya for maybe a little over a year now – but it’s kind of hit or miss. They still had the Mod Mattes & Touch but they never got the Feel collection for this winter. Very random.

  2. I have this – well, with my name I HAD to! – and do enjoy it, but find it doesn’t like Seche Vite, it tends to shrink at the tips if I use that. Did you find that at all?

    • Oh I love it! I wish they’d make a Katie 🙂 I have noticed that generally speaking Zoya doesn’t tend to like Seche Vite – but I didn’t notice a problem this time, because I just did a quick swatch – I’ll be commenting a bit more below for more info on the topcoat/zoya issue.

  3. I think Jules looks great on you!! I saw it on clearance too, but I decided to wait and see if this still interests me when the Zoya Exchange happens this year.

    Piggybacking on Jules’ comment above — what top coats do you wear with Zoya? I’m sorry to ask if you’ve already answered such a question. I’m still trying to find a decent top coat for my Zoyas!

    • Great question! I’m glad you asked this! The problem with Seche Vite, Essie Good To Go, inm Out The Door, OPI’s Top Coat – among others – is that they contain cellulose acetate butyrate.

      To be honest, lately I’ve been so busy with work that my swatching time is very limited, so I’ve just used Seche Vite despite the problems.

      However, I am looking for a good top coat to pair with my Zoyas as well so thanks to your comment, I’ve done a bit of research.

      You could of course go with the Zoya topcoat as a part of their color lock system. Looking through my top coats – Sally Hansen Complete Care 4-1, Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield, Maybelline Infinite Shine(dollar store find) do not contain CAB.

      I’ve found that the best resource for ingredient listings is walgreens.com. I think my next top coat purchase will be China Glaze No-Chip Top Coat – which does not have CAB as a listed ingredient – I will definitely do a review 🙂

      I hope this helps!

      • I use the Zoya topcoat, then a layer of Seche. I find it stops the shrinkage and the weird bubbling this way. Zoya tends to dry extremely slow on me so I always try to find a way to use Seche to quicken it up. Even the Zoya fast dry drops didn’t do anything for me.

      • Hi Katie! Thanks for your response! I did see a similar thing a while back on ALU’s Zoya Ivanka post … so I’ll keep hunting while being mindful of ingredients. I do have CND Super Shiney, so I’ll try it out soon and let you know what happens on my end if you like! 🙂

  4. You make me want to put on my bottle of Jules now!

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