Katie’s Top 10 of 2011

It feels like I just posted my Top 10 of 2010. Top 10 of 2011, just isn’t as catchy, should I have done my top 11?  I felt like every time a new collection came out this year – it didn’t wow me – but going over the last year of posts there are plenty of stand out polishes and it’s been difficult narrowing it down to just 10…

I could never put these in any sort of order because they are all unique and made my top 10 for various reasons so I’ll start off with a sparkly stand out..

butter LONDON – No More Wait,  Katie.

This was an obvious choice for me – I was as caught up in the Royal Wedding as the next person – plus it’s pretty rare for the name Katie to appear on a nail polish bottle.

OPI – Crown Me Already!

Hands down the most amazing silver glitter polish I own. I love it, I love it, I love it.

LEX Cosmetics – Atlantic

I cannot say enough kind words about Alexa and Lex Cosmetics. Additions to the collection are submitted and voted on and at least $1 from the sale of each polish goes to charity. I could not have had a better experience with the whole process from deciding to submit an idea to working with Alexa to see my dream polish come to life and help out a great charity – it was all so exciting. I expect to see great things continue to come from this company.

Revlon – Starry Pink.

Revlon - Starry PinkOh look! It’s me! In a bottle! Perfect. Light pink with gorgeous silver glitter. I love it. And while Starry Pink was limited edition – don’t fret –  it has reappeared in the latest Revlon display with a new name (though off the top of my head I can’t think of that name).

OPI – Guy Meets Gal-veston

OPI - Guy Meets Gal-vestonIt was a toss up between Too Hot Pink to Hold Em and Guy Meets Gal-veston. I knew I wanted to include one and Guy Meets Gal wins because I prefer the name. Though I thought all of the hype about the “revolutionary” sorbet finish was a bit over the top for a jelly – both of these polishes were pretty fantastic and deserve a nod on my top 10.

Sinful Colors – Seaweed

I had a lemming for OPI’s Stranger Tides when I picked this up and I’m so glad I did and saved a few dollars in the process. I was very impressed with this polish – well worth the $1.99. Sinful Colors never fails to amuse me when they toss out a new display that is often very similar to popular OPI collections – they don’t even try and hide it – and I’ve got to be honest, they do a pretty good job. It’s worth mentioning that Verbena almost stole this spot from Seaweed – almost but not quite.

Essie – Lady Like

A more conservative polish, but yet another pink winner in the bunch. This was my choice from Essie’s Fall Collection.

Wet-n-Wild – Waves of Enchantment

Ouch this picture! I’ll have to take a new one with my new camera – but you get the idea – this polish is stunning. Another $1.99 win in my book. Well done, WnW.

China Glaze – Hyper Haute

While it doesn’t have the linear holo amazingness of the OMG! Collection, it’s still a hot pink holo – can’t go wrong there – at least not in my book.

L’Oreal – Owl’s Night

It’s polishes like this that make me very excited to see L’Oreal coming out with more polishes – I haven’t been let down yet and Owl’s Night proved to be a real winner.

So… I think that wraps it up for 2011! A lot of great things happened for us this year, we started getting contacted to review products, we started averaging daily views well beyond what we could even have imagined when we started, we had our first giveaways – and I sincerely hope all of that will continue into 2012.

There’s always room for improvement and having surpassed our goals for 2011, we’re looking forward to 2012 – thank you for sticking around with us on our little adventure.

Cheers & Happy 2012!


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