OPI An Affair in Red Square

This nail polish is quickly turning into a Christmas tradition! I didn’t realize it until now but I wore this polish on Christmas Eve and Christmas day last year. This year I only wore An Affair in Red Square on Christmas Eve; it went well with my black and white dress.

An Affair in Red Square is originally from OPI’s Fall 2007 Russian Collection. It is a gorgeous bright shimmery red with distinct blue undertones. Application was amazing; I only needed 2 coats.

OPI did add this to their permanent line, so it is easy to find. There is a macro shot below the jump 🙂


4 responses to “OPI An Affair in Red Square

  1. I have this and love it.

  2. It’s a classic and always will be in my book. I hope OPI keeps this one forever!. It’s the perfect red and very few folks cannot wear this red. I have had it on with CG Snow Glob during ‘the season.’ It looked great layered. I have to break up my holiday reds – I have a # of red holiday loves (though this shade is not just holiday – it’s yr round red). I am always happy to put this one on and it helps me feel better about taking off OPI Dear Santa – probably my all time fav holiday red which took a HUGE jump in secondary market prices this year and now exceeds Smitten With Mittens by far – seems somehow a ton of Smitten With Mittens was ‘found’ in cases and released to vendors to get rid of as it’s price took a downward jump compared to Xmas season 2010. Try layering Affair In Red Square with some of flakies and new toppers that are going to be abounding this year it looks in hard hitting trend fashion. But being a purist often, Affair In Red Square will always have a huge place in my arsenal!

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  4. This is by far my favorite red of all time. It’s the perfect red.

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