Barielle Wrap Me In Ribbon

Disappointing is the only way I can think to describe this nail polish. In the bottle it is gorgeous. On the nail, it is disappointing.

Wrap Me In Ribbon was part of Barielle’s holiday 2010 Holiday Hustle collection though is still available on Barielle’s website. Barielle describes this color as a “metallic raspberry with violet and copper pearl undertones.” Metallic raspberry is a fabulous way to describe this polish. Unfortunately the copper undertones that can be seen in the bottle do not translate to the nail.

Application of this polish was average. I used three coats and still had a few bald spots where the polish dragged.

I can’t exactly put my finger on what I don’t like about this polish. The metallic is a bit frosty which gives it a dated feel but I don’t think that’s why I dislike it. I just don’t know!

More swatches below the jump!





3 responses to “Barielle Wrap Me In Ribbon

  1. Oh – i love this! Swap 🙂

  2. Frosted raspberry is a better way to describe this onel I had many times put it into my shopping cart. But when I saw the first meh blog review on it, I backed out on the purchase. I have needed a 2nd polish to round out my buy one get 2nd half off from Barielle and looked to this one, but always remember that blog. Yours has cemented my feelings – esp your photos. It does look old and dated to me too – just something about it. I cannot even envision blinging it up with some kind of layering over it. I have had a lot of good surprised from Barielle. Glad I never did opt to get this to see for myself. I had that sinking feeling when you get one home that just does not make it in your mind.

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