OPI Teeny Weeny Pink Bikini

I have a serious soft spot for Beauty Brands OPI exclusives. My favorite red creme  of all time (yes, seriously of all time) is OPI Perfectly Red and I wore OPI Red Hot Glam almost all week last week. So, when I saw Beauty Brands had a new OPI exclusive I had to have it!

Teeny Weeny Pink Bikini did not disappoint! It is a gorgeous red leaning pink packed with shimmer. The shimmer sometimes reflects gold, and other times reflects purple. It does remind me a bit of OPI Met on the Internet and OPI Kinky in Helsinki.

The application of this polish was great. The formula is very pigmented and has a slightly jelly feel to it. I used three coats and this wore fabulously!

If you have a Beauty Brands in your area I highly recommend you check it out. Their OPI exclusives are $4.98 and it’s my favorite place to polish shop.

Make sure to check out the macro shot below the jump 🙂




3 responses to “OPI Teeny Weeny Pink Bikini

  1. that almost looks like ladies and magenta men by opi! very pretty!

  2. very pretty love the purple flecks in it

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