Holiday Sparkle: OPI – Crown Me Already!

I love holiday nail polish season! Lots of reds and more importantly lots of glitter that doesn’t always work so well other times of the year. Luckily – this look is festive and fun for the holidays but could probably work year round for a night out (I’m totally thinking it’s NYE worthy!)

I used OPI’s Crown Me Already! from the Miss Universe Collection over top of Revlon (Top Speed) in Metallic (and seriously, every time I type that I type Metallica – which really isn’t okay because I don’t even like that band). Metallic is a silver foil and CMA is full of different sized silver glitter- most notably the large mirror-like hex glitter. Love it! For a picture of how it looks in the shade over on The Daily Varnish Tumblr – click here.

I was trying to spare my nails some abuse by pairing the two together and it worked – removal wasn’t bad at all, though I did use pure acetone, this came off pretty easily.

Hope you have a great Monday!




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