Fall Favorite: Finger Paints Autumn Allure

Never did I think a nail polish would become a holiday tradition, but this polish is quickly on its way to becoming one. I spent the Wednesday before Thanksgiving frantically in the kitchen getting everything from the turkey to the bread pudding ready for Thanksgiving, but after I was all done with that I knew I had to give myself an appropriate Thanksgiving manicure. Last year I wore Autumn Allure and remembered what a pretty polish it was and how appropriate it was for the holiday, so I decided to wear it again.

Autumn Allure is a frosted taupe with distinct purple undertones and in the sun it has multi color shimmer. The color is really gorgeous. On the nail it looks more metallic than it does frosted.

Application of this polish leaves a little to be desired. The formula is a bit on the thin side and takes at least 3 coats to get an opaque color. The wear also isn’t fabulous, but that is to be expected with a metallic polish.

This polish is unique in my collection, and I don’t know of anything similar. If you know of any potential dupes please let me know. This was LE last fall and was not made part of the permanent line.

There is a macro shot below the jump (the shimmer is gorgeous!).




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