Black Friday: ORLY – Androgynie

  Time for Part II of our Black Friday Blacks! If you haven’t already, go check out Alli’s BFB choice: Black Diamond.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but so far – I’ve only grabbed one nail polish from any of the holiday collections so far – Androgynie  was my choice from ORLY.

I chose it not long after playing around with Facets of Fuschia and my hope was that this would be a multicolored version of FoF. I’m sad to say that it’s not.

Look at all of the sparkly hex glitter in the bottle: gold, green, blue, orange – surrounded by loads of gold and silver microglitter. Well, it looks great in the bottle but it doesn’t translate well onto the nail. Look at my nails. Go ahead! See much of the larger glitter? No? Me either! But guess what happens when I go to take it off? There will be probably about 10 pieces of the glitter on my nail (which would be perfect if you could see it…). The base is too thick and it covers up any of the larger glitter in previous coats. Sadface!

It’s still pretty overall, and we all know I have a hard time resisting sparkly blacks (we also know that I often seem to be disappointed by them…). I think when I wear this again I’ll layer it over a solid black- that should help. I do like the gold microglitter – most of my “sparkly blacks” have silver microglitter instead.

So… if you’re lacking in sparkly blacks, this is an okay purchase – but if you’re expecting it to look as awesome on your nails as it does is in the bottle, you’ll be disappointed.

So – how was everyone’s Black Friday? I went out for a few errands but stayed away from the big Black Friday stops.

Happy Shopping!


One response to “Black Friday: ORLY – Androgynie

  1. This is very pretty!

    As for Black Friday, I went out at around 11 am. I can’t deal with crowds very well. Even at that time I got some great deals!

    Never go to Walmart on Black Friday no matter what time it is.. It was TORTURE! lol.

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