Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect – Dune

Smooth and Perfect - Dune I have to admit I was intrigued by the idea of the Smooth and Perfect line when I first read it about here on Nouveau Cheap – which is one of my favorite go-to blogs for beauty deals and swatches for drugstore products. I’m always excited to try new brands and lines so I picked this up yesterday at CVS for a little over $6.

Even though I don’t have ridges, I though this might be a nice fit for me since I do have problems with a few nails splitting. Since I can’t find any information on the SH website, let’s tick through the claims on the display, shall we?

  1. Breathable/Allows 20% more Oxygen to Reach the Nails – I’ll go ahead and admit here that this reminded me instantly of Scrangie‘s April Fool’s Post – which had me immediately removing my nail polish and feeling like a complete moron afterwards) – my nails haven’t mentioned to me an increase in their oxygen intake so I’ll just have to take this one at face value.
  2. Porcelain Smooth Finish – sure why not. It does give a very smooth finish.
  3. Streak Free – Ahh… after 3 coats I still had a little bit of streak action going on, maybe with a 4th it’d go away.
  4. Promotes Stronger, Healthier looking nails – too soon to tell on this one and since I rotate through polishes so often, I doubt I’ll wear it long enough to find out – although it did say stronger & healthier looking…. not stronger & healthier nails.

Now, time for my opinions!

  • Color: I’m a big fan of nudes so I was anxious to try another, this one is a very light nude it has the slightest bit of shimmer to it and can every so slightly pink at times – it translates well from the bottle and Dune is a great name for it. In some light’s it matches my skin exactly and it almost makes me look like I have corpse hands. I will say that the color is very elegant looking. My grandmother always tells me that your nails are meant to be an extension of your hands not an accessory – and that was the first thing that came to mind – she’d love this color.
  • Application & Formula: Application was so-so, the brush is a wide brush – very similar to the brush that comes with the Insta-Dri line – I think a smaller brush would have worked better for me. The polish went on very sheer at first and took about 3 coats to build up. While you can still see visible nail lines, for some reason it doesn’t bother me like it usually would.
  • Overall: I wish I’d picked up another color, nudes are always so hit or miss with me.  The line is all pastels and before I pick up another I’m going to wait for other reviews. The price in my opinion isn’t worth it – I see this as a $3-$4 polish. I’ve only found one nude that I absolutely love and that’s Sally Hansen’s Nude Now. I could see this as a nice toe color though which is probably what it will end up being for me or I may give it away since I only used it on one hand. We’ll see!

Have you tried anything from the Smooth and Perfect Line? I’d love to hear what you think! Also I’d love to know what you think of this longer type of review. Should we do more or do you prefer the short and sweet posts?

I hope you have a relaxing day.



8 responses to “Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect – Dune

  1. I was curious about this color, but passed on it. I may have to give it a shot now! I just posted a swatch of “Air” yesterday and still have to do whisper and satin today. Did you happen to have any weird little holes in the finish? I did 2 seperate swatches and had these little pinprick type holes in the finish. Very odd!

    • I did! I assumed it was just me. If you click on the top picture my top finger has a tiny little hole. Interesting….perhaps that’s how it allows 20% more oxygen to reach the nail xD

      • I swatched Satin the other day (hoping to post it tomorrow) and it didn’t have half as many of those little pinprick holes! I’m confused! Maybe that bottle felt that my nails didnt need as much oxygen that day!

      • Ahhh perhaps it’s because your nails had already gotten the mentioned 20% more oxygen it required for the week 🙂

  2. I really love this formula and I also picked up Dune. I agree with your post overall, but I like the brush a lot. I kind of hate how long it takes to dry… but it doesn’t claim to be anything overly quick drying. Great blog by the way… definitely going to keep following you.

  3. I just purchased “Sea” and “Sorbet”. I tried Sea this morning; I really love the color! The application was somewhat of a PITA; I had some cuticle drag and after four coats it finally evened out. By that point, my nails looked really thick and I didn’t like it. I took if off by lunch. I will try it again and maybe attempt two thicker coats vs. four thin coats or just leave it as one very sheer coat. This color is too pretty NOT to work with!!!

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