OPI – Designer…De Better

I grew up on The Muppets, so while I wasn’t super excited about the collection – I knew I had to grab at least one polish – and Designer…De Better jumped out at me right away.

The color is a light silvery champagne foil with bits of copper/pink/red microglitter mixed in. In fact, it reminds me a lot of a long time lemming: ORLY’s Rage, with Rage being more a bit more rosy. Do you need both? No certainly not if you already have Rage, pass on this one.

The application was perfect, I used three coats and had no problems. The two times I’ve worn this I’ve gotten lots and lots of compliments – usually I get compliments on the more daring shades, so I was pleasantly surprised!

Now, my only problem is… I don’t understand the name! Can anyone clue me in on how this relates to the Muppets?



10 responses to “OPI – Designer…De Better

  1. I bought the whole collection. I’m so in love!

  2. LOVE! I adored this color as soon as I put it on! I’m soooo happy that the little pink/copper flecks shine through! This and Warm and Fozzy are my 2 stand-out favorites.

  3. I’m also confused by the name and I’m glad I’m not the only one. Love the shade though.

  4. I have both Orly Rage and OPI Designer the Better and they don’t look anything alike on my nails. Rage is like a true rose gold foil with no additional glitter whereas DTB is much more of a silver pink foil with red and pink glitter. I think they share the foil quality but color and microglitter vary greatly.

    • Oh they are definitely different, I just no longer feel the need to buy Rage… they’re similar enough for me- and I don’t think non polish addicts would notice much of a difference.

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  6. I love warm and fozzie! I just got it! so great. did anyone else wear seche vite on top? I did and I had major problems with it, which is weird because I loveee it as a top coat.

  7. I know this post is a few months old but I just found you guys so I’m binging on nail posts. 🙂 I have this color in a mini set and it is absolutely, 100% identical to China Glaze Swing Baby. Love them both. Found myself almost hoarding my Designer mini cause it was so teeny. Not like I’ve ever finished one but still.

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