Revlon No Shrinking Violet

This polish has been on my radar since Katie and I first started this blog as it was the subject of one of Katie’s very first posts. Despite being a gorgeous polish, I for one reason or another never picked it up. But (there’s always a but….) then the other day I was at Rite Aid looking for a nude lipstick. I ended up in the Revlon section and I finally decided I just had to add this to my collection.

No Shrinking Violet is a blue based purple packed with silver microglitter. It’s the violet version of SinfulColors Winterberry.

Application was perfect; 2 coats were more than enough for an even, opaque color.

This polish is absolutely gorgeous and I’m glad I finally have it in my collection. No Shrinking Violet is part of Revlon’s core polish line, so it can be found anywhere Revlon is sold.

More pictures below the jump!




3 responses to “Revlon No Shrinking Violet

  1. This is a fabulous colour, love the name too!

  2. .. I also picked this up this week!! Are you swatching my polish’s?? LOL

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