Nail Art: World Series Manicure!

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount time you are fully aware that I am a sports addict! I’ve done college football manicures and college basketball manicures. But this is my first baseball manicure! With the World Series currently in progress I figured there was no better time than now.

As I was thinking about this manicure I knew I had to use Icing 7th Inning Stretch as the base for this manicure. What a perfect name! So I used 2 coats of 7th Inning Stretch then free handed the baseball with Ulta Snow White. I added the 2 red stripes using So Easy Stripe Rite nail art polish in red.

This is obviously a super simple manicure but it’s cute at the same time. Game 6 of the World Series is tonight, and (hopefully) game 7 is tomorrow. Despite my sort of Texas Rangers looking manicure, I’m cheering for the Cardinals. My grandfather played for St. Louis back in the day so it’s a family requirement!


2 responses to “Nail Art: World Series Manicure!

  1. Love it 🙂

    Also, it’s sooo cool that your grandfather was a professional baseball player!

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