Trick or Treat: Sally Hansen Salon Effects – Ghoulie Girl

Halloween perfection! How cute are these little white and orange ghosts? Or are they ghouls? Either way I got so many compliments today – probably more than when I wore Laced Up (my only other experience with the Salon Effects strips) and now I’m excited for Halloween.

I just put these on Monday night and this picture was taken Tuesday – I wanted to go ahead and post in case you wanted to run out and get these for any weekend parties (or trick or treating!).

Another reason I wanted to go ahead and post is that my thoughts on application are very fresh in my mind. First off, my experience was not as good as with Laced Up (nor as good as Alli had with Wishnets). So what’s the difference? I do know that my nails are not in very good condition right now – they’re dry, one is still splitting and my cuticles are in dyer need of a professional mani (ugh!). I didn’t use a base coat as Alli suggested, but did follow the SH directions exactly.

On two of the strips, they didn’t come clean off the backing – ripping down the sides. On my pointer finger, I had a chip within hours, but I also applied that one poorly – peeling it halfway off before realigning it – so please be careful when you place your strips! However, I have enough strips left over to fix that this evening. After it chipped I took nail clippers to it – which is why it’s a bit shorter than my other nails.

All in all, I’m not ready to place any blame on Sally Hansen and I’m going to chalk up my less than perfect experience to user error. I needed to prep my nails a bit better and be more careful when I was applying them. Overall, I love the design. I’d gotten it on a whim and wasn’t really excited about putting them on – but once they were on – oh so cute!

Overall: Love the look and I am SO excited to try some of the new winter designs that I saw at Target last weekend.

Edit: Despite my slightly imperfect application this wore amazingly! I work it before 6 days before I got twitchy and wanted to put on something different. Thumbs up!


7 responses to “Trick or Treat: Sally Hansen Salon Effects – Ghoulie Girl

  1. Oh I really love the ghosties, so cute! Sorry about your nail and cuticle troubles. One of my nails just splint today too *sigh and I finally had all my nails at a good length. But anyways I might swing by my local drug store and check these out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love these! I have the skulls that I’ll be wearing on Monday. 🙂

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  4. Love ’em! Can you buy them at Walgreens or any other local store? I’ve always been aafird of using them because once they come off, they take the top or two or three layers of my nails and it hurts for a couple of days thereafter. If these don’t strip the layers of my nail then I just may try them too!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Oh these don’t harm your nails at all — they aren’t like press-ons. They are made from nail polish so you just remove them with polish remover – so once they’re off, your nails will be in the same shape they were before. You must try some!

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