LA Colors base coat – topcoat

This was a random Dollar Tree purchase AGES ago. I was there looking for the ever elusive Maybelline Twinkle Twinkle and ended up with a couple of the Maybelline Aluminum polishes. Anyways, I decided to give this a try since I was almost out of my usual inm Out the Door Top Coat.

As a topcoat this ended up being a HUGE disappointment. The formula is quite thin which I don’t mind, but this takes FOREVER to dry. And with some polishes it never really became a hard surface. Once this topcoat finally did dry, the finish wasn’t shiny. It wasn’t matte, but it was kind of dull. My mother even mentioned that my manicure looked flat when I had this on as a topcoat!

I quickly decided this wasn’t going to work as a topcoat, so I started using it as a base coat and I was surprised by how much I liked it. All the reasons why this made a bad top coat are why it made a good base coat. The sort of dull finish gave polishes something to adhere too, as did the slow drying time. This also did a good job preventing my nails from staining.

If I spot this again I will repurchase and use it exclusively as a base coat. This is one of the better base coats I have used, and for just a dollar for .44fl oz, the price is unbeatable!

Check below the jump for a picture of the brush.




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