Cheeky Monkey – One Nite Stand

Happy Friday Eve! Cheeky Monkey originally caught my eye because of their sassy polish names. I reviewed As If (must have for any Clueless fan!) well over a year ago and while I was looking through my pink drawer to find a pretty pink for October (Breast Cancer Awareness and all) – this one really stood out.

I’m sure Alli will say “that is SO you” – and it is – I love pinks, especially light pinks and add on the subtle shimmer? So me!

The application was okay – I had a little trouble with the polish pooling in my cuticles but other than that – I used 3 coats and got gorgeous results.

All that being said, the $15 for this polish at least – is all for the name – the polish itself – in my opinion – is not worth the price.  But I can’t think of a better gift for a gal pal than a cute nail polish with a cheeky name. I loved the tag on this one – very cute.

Cheeky Monkey has added a few polishes since my original order and of course a few of the names catch my eye.

I did comment on my complete Cheeky Monkey experience including customer service in my original post – so if you’re interested, please check that out.






2 responses to “Cheeky Monkey – One Nite Stand

  1. I just wanted to share this news with fellow nail polish lovers! If you haven’t already heard. OPI Nicki Minaj Collection for 2012! The colors look GREAT.

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