Nail Art: Crossword Puzzle Manicure

My boyfriend is a bit of a crossword puzzle addict so the other day when he was working on a crossword in the paper it for some reason made me think I should try doing a crossword puzzle manicure!

I used China Glaze Pelican Gray as the base to sort of mimic the color of a newspaper. Then once that was completely dry I added the crossword puzzle print.

The process is exactly the same as the Newspaper Print Manicure I did, so I’m not going to go through the steps again in this post. But, it is SUPER easy. So check out that post because this is nail art anyone can do!

I just used the crossword from my local paper and my only complaint is it was a little large for my nails. A smaller crossword would have looked a little better. My favorite nail (that seems a little strange to have a favorite nail…) ended up being my thumb. It turned out better because there was more surface area. Make sure to check out the picture below the jump 🙂




5 responses to “Nail Art: Crossword Puzzle Manicure

  1. Try using the previous crossword answer section from the paper; it’s usually a smaller version of a crossword and will also include letters in the blocks. I’ve been planning this one for a couple weeks myself.

  2. Sorry for the late reply. I recently learned that you can print your own designs and transfer them the same way. I’ve been experimenting with designs that remind me of rainbow snow cones since it’s seems to be summer already in Charlotte. The best part is I can transfer it to a topcoat, rather than needing a white basecoat, so it has a nice translucten look to it.

    • Interesting. What kind of paper are you using?

      • I use just normal printer paper and my epson printer. The fresher the print off, the bolder the colors will be when transferred. Also darker color print outs will lead to darker color transfer. I’ve seen people using scrap booking paper, I wonder if they provide an even better result since the colors would be more saturated that something printed at home.

    • Hmm…I’m going to have to give that a try! Thanks for the info 🙂

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