OPI Black Cherry Chutney

For some reason I had completely forgotten how gorgeous this polish is! Black Cherry Chutney is from OPI’s Spring 2008 collection but it is now part of OPI’s permanent line. Indoors this polish appears black. But in the sun it really comes alive!

Black Cherry Chutney is a gorgeous blackened purple with red and purple microglitter. It applies beautifully in 2 coats and wears very well.

I’m glad I rediscovered this polish. Despite how gorgeous it is, I wouldn’t say it’s a must have polish; the fact that it is so flat indoors is a major negative. But, if you are like me, and can never have too many almost black polishes, this is a nice one to add to your collection.

Check below the jump for a couple more pictures!




2 responses to “OPI Black Cherry Chutney

  1. This and a Vodka and Caviar are the only fakes I ever got stuck with buying on occasion from eBay. I wanted this shade for some time – found it and needed a 2nd bottle of V&C – looked safe. When they arrived, I could tell by looking in the bottle – watery – VERY. Then the smell when I opened up – oh my gosh – knocked me off my feet. No name sticker on the bottom. Went to the seller and she kept swearing she only buys from real beauty supply houses…then finally she admitted she knew there were no stickers on the bottle bottoms. But of course she KNEW what shade they were – they were in buckets full with a sign on the bucket! Right – that’s how all the OPI distributors to beauty supply stores allow their product to be displayed! Fortunately she said all this – eBay had me refunded in less than 5 mins of me opening a claim. I still need to get this shade – it’s a beauty – good shot of the complexity in it in the last photo esp!

    • What a terrible experience! That is always my fear when buying polish on ebay or even Amazon. I hope you get your hand on a real bottle of Black Cherry Chutney soon. It’s so gorgeous!

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