wet n wild fastdry Tangled in My Web

This is one of those polishes I thought I was really going to love but it turns out I’m not really a big fan. Tangled in My Web is from wet n wild’s Halloween 2011 On the Prowl collection. I spotted the display at CVS and Tangled in My Web along with Behind Closed Doors caught my eye.

Tangled in My Web is large black glitter suspended in a clear base. I used two coats of Tangled in My Web over Essie Power Clutch and while I have no issues with the color combination I’m just not really a fan of the black glitter in general. Application was difficult. The glitter is hard to control and it is almost impossible to get any kind of even coverage. The formula is also on the thick side.

Another complaint I have with this polish is the drying time. My Essie Power Clutch mani was a day old when I topped it with Tangled on My Web and even still this took FOREVER to dry.  Despite this being a “fastdry” polish, a fast dry top coat is definitely required!


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