Jesse’s Girl Party Dress

I’ve been a fan of JulieG713 on YouTube for ages so when she announced she was working with Jesse’s Girl to release a Limited Edition Julie collection I was quite excited. I spotted the display at Rite Aid and while I wasn’t too overwhelmed with any of the polishes, Party Dress stood out.

Party Dress is a bright orange leaning red creme. It’s almost a coral, so I’ve been calling it a Fall appropriate coral. It is very obvious that I have been obsessed with corals all Summer so this is a good way to extend my obsession into the cooler weather. I think this is a gorgeous color and it is very flattering.

This is my first Jesse’s Girl nail polish so I didn’t quite know what to expect regarding application and formula, but I was very impressed. This polish was almost a one coater and the formula was the perfect consistency.

The one negative about this polish is the price. Polishes from Jesse’s Girl permanent line retail for $2.99, but for some reason all the polishes from the Julie collection retail for $3.99. Despite the price hike, I do think for $4 this is a fabulous polish.

As a matter of fact….I think I’ll put this polish on again right now 🙂


5 responses to “Jesse’s Girl Party Dress

  1. One coat color? I so need to get myself some! I hope they are also a good stamping polish!

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