Nail Art: Leopard Print Fail!

Ok, so not a total fail. But a fail none the less. I have a love affair with leopard print.  I have leopard print shoes, and leopard print clothes, so I figured the next logical step was leopard print nails!

I used butter LONDON Macbeth as the base, and Maybelline Express Finish Black Onyx and Orly Rage for the leopard spots. In theory, this didn’t turn out badly. But in reality my OCD killed this manicure. The spots are too uniform.

At some point I will attempt this manicure again and try to make it less uniform 🙂


7 responses to “Nail Art: Leopard Print Fail!

  1. I really like this mani.

    The colors are so unexpected, because when I think of leopard print, I think of the traditional brown, gold, & black. The mix of colors you chose really stands out!

  2. Cute – I like the imitation animals – and I really like this on the base shade big time!!!

  3. I love leopard print! so cute! but I really struggle with putting on my nails as well.

    I was cruising the china glaze site and they have a great tutorial on leopard print! I found it on youtube

    I love the colors you used!
    They used more colors for the dots which was exciting.

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