OPI Met on the Internet

This is one of my most worn OPI nail polishes so I have no idea why I’ve never done a post on it! If I’m ever looking for a bright polish that’s appropriate everywhere and matches everything this is what I reach for.

Met on the Internet is from OPI’s 2009 e-romance minicollection that was released around Valentine’s Day. It is a super shimmery almost magenta pink with flashes of purple microglitter.

Application is as perfect as the name Met on the Internet. Two coats and you’re done! This polish does have a slight jelly feel to it, though it is not a jelly.

This polish has been a long time mystery around here. I only saw the e-romance display once at an Ulta in Dayton, Ohio. I never saw it anywhere else and neither did Katie. I have no explanation!

It is a gorgeous polish and I wanted to share. Check out the macro shot below the jump to see the pretty purple microglitter.




3 responses to “OPI Met on the Internet

  1. Love it…not being anywhere within 450 miles of an ULTA store – I totally missed this release. Sad as both reds and fuchsia/magenta are my fav all time hues in polish. I love those great go to shades that just work with everything. I am still looking for that same thing in a lipstick! I might have found it in a shade – but it’s not available in a lipstick – only a pencil with a gloss from Napolian.

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