wet n wild

I picked this up on the same late night trip to Walgreens as SinfulColor Beverly Hills. Walgreens had a huge display of wet n wild fast dry duos. Each duo includes a polish as well as a fastdry Clear Coat. I obviously couldn’t resist such a great deal, so I picked up

I settled on this “perfect couple” solely because of the name. I am a huge fan of the (original) 90210. Even to this day I DVR episodes off of SOAPnet even though I have the DVDs. Anyway! is a medium slightly red leaning almost foil orange. I quite honestly thought I would hate this color on me, but I ended up not minding it.

The formula isn’t fantastic. It’s thin, though no runny. 3+ coats are definitely needed to achieve the bottle color.

The upside to the formula being thin is that this polish works fabulously as a top coat! I tried it over China Glaze Papaya Punch and LOVED it! Check out the pictures below the jump 🙂


5 responses to “wet n wild

  1. Love this polish!! Very pretty glassy looking orange.

  2. I do love how these look in the bottle but am disappointed to see how many of them go on sheer. I think the Color Craze’s that they replaced were a better formula and wish they had just added colors to those ones. From what I hear these don’t even dry all that fast.

    Oh, and last week I was wearing 9021Orange too….but the limited edition Color Craze one! It’s different from this one, it’s a darker shimmer, where I would call this one a glass fleck. (I prefer glass flecks too, but not sheer!)

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